Beyond Divinity on Linux

Attention, please: The following instructions are NOT supported by the Larian Studios. Please contact me and not them if it necessary. Thank you.

1. Preface

First, I would mention that it is only possible to play the demoversion of Beyond Divinity on a GNU / Linux system. The main reason for this is the copy protection scheme of the original game and this scheme doesn't work with Wine nor Cedega (so far as I know).

If you have better informations or solutions to solve this problem, feel free to contact me.

2. Requirements: Wine or Cedega

The requirements for playing Beyond Divinity on a GNU / Linux system are the same as for Divine Divinity: You need a recent version of Wine or Cedega. Older versions of Wine do not support DirectX 9, which is now needed for playing.

I explained how you can install Wine or Cedega in the installation guide for Divine Divinity. Look at the paragraphs 3.1 for Wine and
3.2 for Cedega and after this, return to this site.

3. Beyond Divinity

I wrote the following informations of my experiences with the German version of Beyond Divinity. It is still possible that this informations are wrong for other localizes versions of Beyond Divinity. You could make me happy if you inform me if there is something wrong and I will update this site with the new informations.

The installation of the retail version of Beyond Divinity is easy: You can install it directly from CD or you copy all the files from the 2 CD's into one directory on your hard disk and start the installaion from you hard disk.

The main reason which prevent the start of the retail version of Beyond Divinity is the integrated copy protection (Starforce so far as I know). This copy protection doesn't work on any software emulation because the copy protection try to install a few drivers, which doesn't work inside the software emulation of Wine or Cedega. I dont't know there no way how it could be possible to install this drivers and get the drivers work :(

But if there sometimes a solution for this driver problem, I will update my site so fast as possible !

4. Beyond Divinity demo

If you have installed Wine or Cedega in a recent version then you can start the installation of the Beyond Divinity demo.

After you have installed the Beyond Divinity demo, please look at the problem solutions lower inside this document.

4.1 Install the Beyond Divinity demo

The installation of the Beyond Divinity demo is realy easy:

Change to the directory which contains the Beyond Divinity demo executable, which should called in the most cases beyond_divinity_demo_eng.exe Maybe the file is called with an other name but for the next step i need a filename ;)

Start now the installation with the command

wine beyond_divinity_demo_eng.exe

Now follow the instructions on your screen.

4.2 Play the Beyond Divinity demo

Before you can run the demo the first time, you must execute the configuration tool. To do this, execute this command:

wine configtool.exe

inside the directory, where you installed the Beyond Divinity demo. Choose now your prefered game resolution and press the "Test" button for running the test. After this, click the "Apply & Close" button the take over the settings.

After this (which is only need for the first start), you can play the Beyond Divinity demo with this command:

wine div.exe

likewise in the Beyond Divinity demo directory.

5. Problem solutions

It's a problem of software development (and human mistakes too) that there are problems, if you would run a piece of software on a system which is not realy the same for what this piece of software are developed. I can do only one thing: I give you the best solutions for the problems, which I discover myself or you report to me !

If you have problems or questions, feel free to contact me because only yours reactions could improve this document and support for others !

5.1 General problem solutions

If you followed exactly the instructions then you should have no problems ;)

5.1.1 Graphic problems

There are some graphic glitches / problems during the playing of the Beyond Divinity Demo. So far as I can gauge this, there problems came from the emulation software (Wine or Cedega) and not from the game software itself.

But alle the software is a constand development process there will be solutions for this DirectX problems in the future.

5.2. Problem(s) with Cedega

There a a realy nasty bug in Cedega which interrupts the start of the Beyond Divinity demo. The reason is, so far as I know, that a function doesn't inside of Cedega returns a value which let Beyond Divinity think, that there are no dialog files and this let Beyond Divinity stop.

But there is a easy solution: Copy a single dlg file from inside of the subdirectories the Acts\Act1\Dialogs one level up (to Acts\Act1\Dialogs).

Todo this, change to the installation directory of the Beyond Divinity demo an run the following command:

cp "Acts/Act1/Dialogs/01 Torture Level/Arena Guard 1.dlg" Acts/Act1/Dialogs/

Please run this command exactly to prevent any errors ! I take the dlg file Arena Guard 1.dlg from the subdirectoy 01 Torture Level but you can also take every on other dlg file !

5.3 Problem(s) with Wine

The development process of Wine is sometimes strange: with a version the demo of Beyond Divinity works and with an other version of Wine the game doesn't run anymore. I checked all versions since the 20050211 release of Wine and the results are listed down below:

Release version Status Solution
pre 20050211 no DirectX9 support -
20050211 Gaming possible -
20050310 crash at start Try the D3D9 patch from Oliver Stieber
20050310 + D3D9 patch Game starts but the Screen turn about 180 degree -
20050429 crash at start -
20050524 crash at start -
20050628 crash at start -
20050725 crash at start -
20050830 Game starts but you don't see the mainmenu :( -

I recommered the 20050211 version of Wine - old but stable.

6. ToDo

I will look at the development of Wine and Cedega projects (so far as I can) and is there any news with improve the gameplaying, I will update my site.

Please inform me, if you have some other informations which should put on this site.

Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Xanlosch, Sohn des Lordosch. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".